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Increase in foreclosures may lead to more short sales

As we previously posted, foreclosures were up when it came to judicial states, like Florida, where a judge is required to sign off on a foreclosure. Now, according to RealtyTrac, this trend of an increase in foreclosure starts continued on for the month of May. In fact, foreclosure starts across the U.S. reportedly showed a year-over-year increase for the first time in 27 straight months.

The vicious cycle of credit card debt

The recent credit card debt crisis is proof of the fact that sometimes it takes looking beyond just the surface to truly understand a situation. So while it may appear that credit card debt is decreasing, the truth is that Florida residents and other Americans are continuing to struggle. Rather, it's just many were struggling so badly that many credit card companies had no choice but to write off some of those debts.

Advice for Florida residents struggling with credit card debt

Many Florida residents have multiple credit cards. And while this is true for most Americans, it's also true that many rely on these credit cards as a way to get by and make every day purchases. This in turn can lead to serious credit card debt problems.

With changing times some businesses struggle more than others

While the current economic client has been tough on many Florida residents and businesses, it turns out that there are some industries that are seeing huge decreases in revenue due to importing and technological changes. For some, this may end up leading to eventual bankruptcy.

Student loan debt and lower incomes effecting housing recovery

While student loan debt is surely a burden for a college graduate who is financially struggling, it turns out that this mounting debt is also a burden on the potential recovery of the housing market in Florida and around the rest of the country.

Consumers racking up credit card debt at rapid pace

Over the past several months the total amount of consumer debt has increased. And while some may take this as a good indicator of our nation's rebounding economy, many also worry that people are setting themselves up for financial catastrophe by pilling on more credit card debt, and other debts, than they really can afford.

Is this rise in credit card debt a good or bad economic sign?

Credit cards: some use them to pay for big ticket items, while others use them for day-to-day spending. And while these cards certainly come in handy when it comes to making purchases, these same cards can also drive a person further and further into debt.

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