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Your Brighter Future After Bankruptcy

At our experienced bankruptcy law firm of Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, in Orlando, we approach debt relief solutions for individual and business clients from a standpoint of optimism.

We have skilled, knowledgeable attorneys who educate you, guide you and support you throughout the Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy legal processes.

We keep your “eyes on the prize” — a life after bankruptcy that features fully repaired credit, a home and motor vehicle you continue to own, wages that cannot be garnished and freedom from distressing creditor harassment.

During their combined decades of successful service to bankruptcy clients from all walks of life in Central Florida, Cynthia E. Lewis and James H. Monroe have dispensed astute advice and compassionate personal service, changing many lives for the better. These board-certified bankruptcy lawyers carefully lay out the facts and options that get positive results.

Lewis & Monroe, PLLC — Our Attorneys Understand Bankruptcy

Try to imagine a future in which you again become eligible for a home loan or credit card, and your credit is attractive to financial institutions throughout the state. Your debts would be either completely discharged or repaid gradually. No court can garnish your wages. No creditor can make your life miserable with constant, insulting contact. Your Florida business could be up and running again, employing breadwinners and producing valuable goods and services.

This is your life after bankruptcy. Let us show you the way to it, at Lewis & Monroe, PLLC.

You are to be commended for admitting that you need help, both legally and financially, after the loss of a job or an expensive injury, illness or divorce leads to substantial money worries. To openly discuss your situation and the remedies we can recommend that would address it, please contact us by phone or email message to schedule an initial consultation.

This important first conference is free of charge, lasts one hour and is conducted at our law offices in Orlando. We look forward to taking your call at 407-917-4147.

We are a debt relief agency. We counsel clients according to federal bankruptcy code.