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Crushing Debt Alone

Ex of Mel Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

Divorce and other family law disputes can lead to financial hardships for Florida residents. Dividing one household into two can be financially prohibitive for many Orlando area residents, but they must still take this step in order to end unhealthy relationships. Others may struggle to make ends meet because they are raising children and have trouble obtaining a suitable amount of child support from the other parent.

Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of Mel Gibson’s 4-year-old daughter, has recently sought bankruptcy protection. Among her financial problems is the fact that she incurred significant legal bills as a result of breaking up with Gibson several years ago.

It has been reported that Grigorieva worked with at least 40 lawyers during her child custody dispute with Gibson. She now has at least $250,000 in legal bills. 

According to her bankruptcy filing, she has a total of $438,000 in debts. She has just $48,000 worth of assets and very little income. The singer reported that she has earned only $200 from royalties in recent months; she also receives child support from Gibson, according to a news report.

This case is a reminder that child custody, child support and other divorce-related issues can lead to financial difficulties. However, that does not mean that people should remain trapped in unhappy or even unsafe situations. 

Those who struggle with debt as the result of a family law dispute or other matters may be able to file bankruptcy in order to discharge their debts and start anew with a fresh financial slate.

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