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Target customers affected by data breach to get new credit cards

When you are working hard to pay off your credit cards, there is almost nothing as disheartening as finding out that your credit card information or your bank account information has been stolen. For some customers who shopped at Target from Nov. 27, 2013 through Dec. 15, 2013, a data breach revealed their credit card or debit card information. Some Florida credit unions are taking a proactive stance against this breach by issuing new cards to anyone who had their information compromised.

A statement released by the president of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions’ Northeast Florida chapter notes that 23 credit unions will issue new cards to members. The cost of replacing the cards for more than 58,000 customers is being covered by the credit unions. Customers are instructed to use the old card until the new card arrives and is activated. The credit unions will monitor the usage of the old card until it is deactivated when the new card is activated. Customers should also be on the lookout for fraudulent charges.

Bank of America and Wells Fargo aren’t following the credit unions’ lead by automatically issuing new cards. Instead, they are using fraud-monitoring practices to try to catch fraudulent activity on the cards. A Wells Fargo representative reminds customers that if they suspect that their credit card or debit card is being used fraudulently to contact the bank immediately.

If you are having difficulties keeping up with your credit card payments, debt relief options might be available to help you get back in control of your finances. Contact a Florida bankruptcy attorney to learn what options might be available to help you regain control.

Source: Financial News & Daily Record, “Credit unions issuing new cards to Target customers” Kevin Hogencamp, Dec. 31, 2013

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