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February 2012 Archives

Debt consolidation loans can actually increase overall debt

Many people may hear the commercials and see the advertisements about debt consolidation and think that it's the answer to all of their financial burdens. However, the truth of the matter is that many times these ads leave out critical information, like the fact that consolidation can actually increase the overall amount you owe. This means that a person who is already struggling with mounting debt will actually be responsible to pay back even more.

Boca Raton theater group eyes bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure

With the downturn in the economy, many who once frequented plays or donated to nonprofit playhouses now no longer have that discretionary income. In other cases, while some do have the income, due to distrust in the economy, many choose to save instead of spend on those things deemed unnecessary.

T-Boz given 180 days to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, again

Anyone can fall into financial difficulties, even the rich and famous. However, regardless of who the person is, it's important to strictly adhere to bankruptcy rules. If not, the entire bankruptcy could end up getting dismissed.

Florida's Middle District sees fewer bankruptcy filings in 2011

Some bright financial news has come out of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida recently: bankruptcy filings in that area fell nearly 20 percent in 2011 compared to 2010. The middle district encompasses the large metropolitan areas of Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.

Overwhelming debt leads to bankruptcy for actor Gary Busey

It can start with an unanticipated medical expense and only worsen with an abrupt job loss. These types of life changes can lead to overwhelming debt, something that people rarely foresee. But once debt begins to pile up, things can begin to look hopeless.

Is this rise in credit card debt a good or bad economic sign?

Credit cards: some use them to pay for big ticket items, while others use them for day-to-day spending. And while these cards certainly come in handy when it comes to making purchases, these same cards can also drive a person further and further into debt.

Push for student loan debt to be discharged in bankruptcy

While filing for a personal bankruptcy can lead to a new financial start, there seems to be an unfair disadvantage to those with student loan debt. However, a new report calls for changes to the bankruptcy laws to allow for more former students to be able to discharge all -- or at least some -- of their student loan debt.

Suggestions to help Florida residents pay down credit card debt

With the holidays officially over, now is the time that many Florida residents are starting to receive their credit card bills for all of the shopping that they did months prior. Some are now wondering: How do I pay down all of this credit card debt?

Recession leads one business to Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Before the recession many businesses saw expansion in their future. But now, after the recession, a number of those once thriving businesses are filing for bankruptcy in order to once again gain financial control. There is always the chance this decision to file could in turn result in those expansion plans being revisited.

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