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September 2011 Archives

Orlando expects to see bankruptcy, foreclosure increases

Even though there has been a decrease in the number of bankruptcies being filed in the Middle District of Florida, the district is still considered to be one of the areas harder hit by financial strife as the overall number of bankruptcies is still higher than most other parts of the country. And with foreclosure rates expected to rise again in the near future, the number of bankruptcy filings is also expected to once again increase.

Watch out: Mortgage modification scams are continuing to crop up

While it's certainly sad and frustrating news, it turns out that during a time when people are struggling with the threat of foreclosure, multiple companies have sprung up that feed off people's fears and end up scamming them out of money by providing false hope that their company can help them keep their home. And, what's especially scary is that many of these loan modification scams look legitimate.

Educated and well-paid increasingly file for bankruptcy

Many people like to think that if you take certain steps in life -- go to college, get a degree, find a job and get married -- that you are also securing financial success. And while that may be true for some people, it turns out that those with good-paying jobs, who are college graduates and married, also fit the description of a growing demographic that are filing for personal bankruptcies.

Fearing foreclosure? A loan modification may help

The Bank of America is stepping up its foreclosure efforts a year after announcing that it would move to halt foreclosures in every state. For the month of August the lender mailed 200 percent more default notices to homeowners than in July.

Unemployment rate still high and poverty rate increased

There's no denying it: Times are tough for many residents in Florida and all throughout the country. With unemployment rates still very high and the percentage of people living in poverty on the rise, many may be worried and looking for some sort of financial relief to stave off foreclosure and deal with accrued debts.

Two Holiday Inn Express hotels in Florida file for Chapter 11

With the recession and all of the lay-offs that came with it, many individuals and families have found themselves not traveling and taking vacations as much as they used to. Now, instead of taking that summer trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, more are now deciding to either scrap the trip all together or maybe go somewhere that would be less expensive.

Are debt collectors calling you? Know your rights and options

Even though a number of people living in Florida and all throughout the country have fallen into debt, knowing what your rights are, what creditors can and cannot do and that debt relief solutions are available will lessen your overall level of stress.

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