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If you are experiencing financial challenges with your business or personal finances, a bankruptcy filing may provide the relief you need to get your affairs in order. The bankruptcy laws have changed, though, so you want to make certain you hire a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, one familiar with the new requirements.

Orlando Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Attorney

At the law office of James H. Monroe, we offer clients more than 25 years of bankruptcy law experience. Attorney Monroe is certified to handle business or consumer bankruptcy matters, with certification from the American Board of Certification. He is also a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute and has published numerous articles on bankruptcy in law journals.

Our Bankruptcy Blog

We have instituted this bankruptcy blog to provide valuable information to businesses and individuals throughout central Florida who are facing financial challenges and have considered bankruptcy. We will contribute articles on a regular basis, focusing on a broad range of bankruptcy issues such as:

  • Your rights in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing . We work with individuals and businesses, helping you permanently wipe out permissible debt in exchange for the sale of nonexempt assets.
  • How a Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy petition can help you get control of your personal finances. If you fail to qualify for, or don’t want to file under, Chapter 7, we can help you set up new payment arrangements under Chapter 13. You will still be entitled to the protections of the bankruptcy law.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy filing. We will help you put together a reorganization plan to submit to your creditors and will review any proposed repayment agreements to make certain they are within your means.
  • The means test to qualify for Chapter 7. We will walk you through the means test, established by the recent revisions to the Bankruptcy Code, so that you can determine eligibility for Chapter 7 protection.
  • What items are exempt from sale in Chapter 7 under Florida law. We will make certain that any protected property is excluded from the bankruptcy sale.

We encourage you to actively participate in this blog by posting any questions, concerns or comments you have regarding any topic we discuss.

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We offer a free initial office consultation to all clients. Contact us via email or call us at 407-872-7447 to set up an appointment. We provide free written information about our qualifications to help you decide if our services are well suited to your needs.

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