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Bankruptcy For Florida Businesses

Business owners should not have to sell or surrender their companies simply because of growing, substantial debt. Federal bankruptcy protections allow smooth daily operations to continue during the search for credible debt relief solutions.

At Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, in Orlando, our experienced Chapter 11 business bankruptcy attorneys have extensive knowledge, allowing a second chance for many Central Florida companies.

Business bankruptcy strategies are never one-size-fits-all. Your closely held family business is unique for legal needs and financial woes, and these are treated as such by our law firm. We tailor our representation to efficiently fit your specific situation.

As A Business Owner, You Do Not Have To Face Crushing Debt Alone

Proven methods for corporate debt relief fall into these three major categories:

  • Business Chapter 7: The most common form of business bankruptcy, permitting complete liquidation of a business, and the chance to be relieved of all debts.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Less common, but you can save your business with reorganization and restructuring of current debts. This is a complex process that relies heavily upon coordination with creditors.
  • Chapter 12 bankruptcy: When trying to save an agricultural business, you will want to file for Chapter 12. This is often the best choice for family farmers and fishermen, and it ties in closely to Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy.

Turn To Our Experienced Lawyers

When financial distress for a company becomes dire, and legal needs are urgent, our business bankruptcy lawyers swing into action on your behalf — beginning with your initial consultation. This critical introduction to what we do is free of charge, in-office and an hour long. We welcome the opportunity to hear about your predicament, wishes and goals.

Call Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, today at 407-917-4147. We always respond promptly to email messages.

We are a debt relief agency. We counsel clients according to federal bankruptcy code.