Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Provide Your

When extreme financial duress results from a lost job or mounting medical expenses related to a disabling injury, the hope and help you need at this difficult time can be provided by an experienced consumer bankruptcy lawyer.

In Orlando and surrounding areas, that seasoned debt relief attorney is James H. Monroe of the Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, law firm. During his more than 30 years of service to individual, family and business clients, Mr. Monroe has handled thousands of bankruptcies — large and small, simple and complex. He can show you the path to a brighter financial future, too, through the practice of bankruptcy law.

These statutes have been "on the books" for a reason: to help those who, through no fault of their own, find their financial affairs in total disrepair, while anxious creditors wait on the sidelines. Our law firm can be your valued source of strength and guidance from this point forward. We craft a customized course of action for every client that puts your debt crisis in the past.

No One In Central Florida Should Face Crushing Debt Alone. The Board-Certified Attorneys At Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, Can Help.

Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy protection offers instant, obvious debt relief advantages, such as:

  • The automatic stay that ends home foreclosure threats, auto repossession efforts, wage garnishment and creditor harassment
  • Property exemptions that allow you to keep certain possessions while your bankruptcy proceeds
  • Discharge (elimination) of all dischargeable debt, including medical and credit card debt
  • Liquidation that promotes a "fresh start" for your family or business

If your eligibility for Chapter 7 is in question, our knowledgeable lawyer can discuss alternatives like Chapter 13 debt reorganization bankruptcy, which involves coordination with creditors and a comfortable three-to-five-year debt repayment plan.

Are you interested in investigating a Chapter 7 "fresh start" individual bankruptcy filing? Could you qualify for this protection according to the means test? Bring these and any other questions to a free one-hour in-office initial consultation at our Orlando law offices. A Lewis & Monroe attorney can listen to your goals and map a strategy that addresses your unique needs.

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