Life Cycle of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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What The Life Cycle Looks Like

During the appointment and consultation with a lawyer at our office, which occurs in every single case that we handle, it may be determined that a Chapter 13 is right for you instead of a Chapter 7. We can then quote a fee for our services. If the client decides to retain the law firm, a portion of the fee is paid and the clients are then given paperwork to complete, as well as a list of documents and other information that the law firm needs for the preparation of the bankruptcy petition and schedules.

A client will also be directed to take the first mandatory credit counseling session. The bankruptcy laws that were passed in 2005 now require all bankruptcy petitioners to take credit counseling. This must be completed in order for the bankruptcy to be approved. During the second meeting with our office, all information gathered by the client is reviewed.

At the third meeting at our office, the petition, schedules and all the other pleadings that are required to be filed are reviewed and signed by the client. The case is then filed with the court. The meeting with the Chapter 13 trustee (also called the 341 meeting) is held within 20 to 40 days of filing the case.

  • In our jurisdiction, the Chapter 13 trustee gives a free second credit counseling course.
  • Chapter 13 proceedings are similar to Chapter 7, in regards to the meeting of the creditors. However, there is also a confirmation in front of a judge to confirm the plan that has been structured in the Chapter 13 filing. Most of the time, only the attorney attends the confirmation hearing before the judge.
  • The first payment on the plan is due 20-30 days from the first filing.
  • The payments are structured over three to five years. If certain legal criteria are met, the repayment plan may only take three years. However, the client may be required by law or may request to adhere to a five-year period.

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