Chapter 13 Bankruptcy For Gradual Debt Repayment

If you've lost your job or spent beyond your means after an illness or injury requiring hospitalization, the good news you need is well within your grasp.

Have you considered filing for Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy protection?

The Chapter 13 debt relief approach allows you to free yourself and your family from a crushing debt load without having to forfeit assets to creditors. The process takes between three and five years to complete, and it is available to both indebted individuals and sole proprietorships.

For more than 30 years, the Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, law firm in Orlando has shown Central Florida clients the path to gradual, healthful debt relief by navigating an often complex legal process. Attorney James H. Monroe is board certified in the practice of consumer and business bankruptcy law. He has published numerous articles on the subject and served for many years on the Central Florida Bankruptcy Association board of directors.

Don't Suffer Crushing Debt Alone And In Silence — Our Compassionate Lawyers Can Help

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is considered an "adjustment of debts of an individual with regular income." All debt is neatly reorganized into one in a series of monthly payments. Your Chapter 13 reorganization plan must meet the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code and be approved by a bankruptcy judge.

For three to five years, you will make these monthly payments to the Chapter 13 trustee, who will distribute payments to creditors. At the end of this period, most if not all of your unsecured debts will be out of your life forever. And throughout the process, you will not be subject to mortgage foreclosure threats, motor vehicle repossession, garnishment of your wages and harassment by creditors.

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