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JAMES H. MONROE: My primary area of focus has been bankruptcy law for over 25 years. It's important to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney who fully understands the law, fully understands how the bankruptcy court system functions, and can guide you through the case from beginning to end.

I've been certified by the American Board of Certification in both consumer and business bankruptcy law. One of the most common myths of bankruptcy law is that only financially irresponsible people file bankruptcy. Most people who file for bankruptcy file because of a catastrophic economic event in their lives. It can be because of an illness. It could be because of a business failure. It can be because of a loss of a job or a divorce.

When a client comes into my office, we do a complete and total financial background consultation with them because we want to know their entire information so we can give them complete and accurate advice. We walk them through the entire bankruptcy process from beginning to end so they feel comfortable with the process and they know what to expect.

Part of the job gratification in representing clients in bankruptcy is being able to solve their financial problems and take that burden off their shoulders.

[GRAPHIC: Lewis & Monroe, PLLC 407-917-4147,, 651 RUGBY STREET | ORLANDO, FL 32804]